Corporate Governance

Investor confidence in public companies is essential to the functioning of the global economy, and sound principles of Corporate Governance are critical to obtaining and retaining the trust of investors.

Although well publicized, recent events have brought much attention to Corporate Governance, having leading practices has always been a goal at AXIS Capital. Since its very inception in November, 2001, AXIS Capital has been committed to the development of strong Corporate Governance practices. Both, our President and CEO, Albert Benchimol, and our Chairman, Michael Butt, have consistently expressed that one of our key goals is to position AXIS Capital among the leaders in Corporate Governance practices.

The Board of Directors at AXIS Capital believes their primary responsibilities are to provide effective governance over the Company's affairs for the benefit of its shareholders, and to help broaden the perspective of executive management. They have adopted Corporate Governance guidelines to ensure that they have the necessary authority and procedures in place to oversee the work of management and to exercise independence in evaluating AXIS Capital's business operations.

Finally, the Board has expressed their commitment to diligently exercise their oversight responsibilities and to meet and exceed the Corporate Governance requirements of both federal law and the NYSE.

AXIS Capital has an exemplary governance program. Our commitment to strong principles and the highest ethical standards is critical to our goal of driving sustained shareholder value.

To report any issues relating to our accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters you may contact the company by mail or telephone. Submissions will be kept confidential at your request and may be made anonymously.

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